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In the EYE of the Storm (Part Two)


The living room was central in the house. I was sleeping soundly when an angel of the Lord sharply called my name, “Micky … Micky!” I was not only instantly awake but also on my feet, completely alert. As my eyes adjusted to the darkened room … I saw it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first. It was a giant eyeball, no eyelids, just an eyeball.

As crazy as it sounds, it (the eyeball) was peering from side to side as it was passing through each room of the house. It was big and scary. It looked shiny, as though if I reached out to touch it, which I had no intention of doing, it might feel wet to my fingertips. It was huge, nearly spanning the hallway from side to side. From top to bottom it was about four feet tall. It moved by “floating” several inches above the floor. It was completely silent.

Although I had never in my life seen such an apparition, I knew right away what it was. The Warlock,(Lee Lutz) had sent one of his minions to spy in Kathy’s household. I am sure, once the huge eyeball had canvassed the house, it would dutifully report back to Lee what it had “seen.” Lee, I had no doubt, was the things “master.” It was gathering information for him.

A minion, according to Miriam Webster’s dictionary, is an underling or a servant. These types of minion can cause fear great fear in the people to whom they appear … but it has no ability to cause physical harm. Sadly, there are other types of minions, which can cause harm. While that might make you or I feel fear, we aren’t left helpless in these situations.

Here is what I did. Using the name of the Lord, I chased it from room to room. It had the ability to pass right through walls. I wasn’t surprised by this. I expected it might be able to move about as a spirit moves, through solid walls. After a while, it gave up and left the house. I decided to nickname this minion, “Eye-Spy.”

I was awake and stayed that way for hours. I wanted to make sure that nothing else was going to show up. After two hours, nothing else appeared. The house was quiet, and finally, with some effort I fell asleep again.

The next night the same thing would happen again. Just as I had the previous night, I woke up after hearing my name. This time I was ready and knew what to do. I leaped out of bed, my nightgown flying behind me as I chased it down the main hallway. I shouted at “it” to leave and once again, it left.

I laughed to myself as I walked back down the hallway to the living room where I was still couch surfing. I knew by running Eye-Spy out of the house, I had confused and possibly obstructed the Warlock’s spying attempts. I had to believe that was a good thing.

I didn’t tell Kathy anything about “Eye-Spy.” She had enough to worry about without knowing that strange vestiges were parading up and down here hallway, peering through doors and passing through walls. The next night the house was quiet. I was leaving the next morning, so I was glad and confident that Eye-Spy was gone and would not return. I felt better about leaving my sister.

There is a lesson in all of this. The lesson is about fear—how fear can affect us. Fear, if you let it take hold, nullifies faith. That is why fear is such a weapon used by occult practitioners. As The Law of Motion tells us, for every force there is an equal or greater force. That force is true faith in the Lord which nullifies fear.

When I was writing, Amityville—My Sister’s Keeper, I did not use this example in my book. I choose not to use it, but there are plenty of examples in the book of things that happened to me that were far more frightening than Eye-Spy.

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In the EYE of the Storm (Part One)

Sometimes, we must trust our instincts … or suffer the consequences.  —Micky Sexton

eyeball_edited-1Many claim to be practitioners of dark arts, witchcraft, Satan worship, all kinds of things. In my book, Amityville-My Sister’s Keeper: A Story of Death, Deception and the Occult, you will read many accounts and examples of the occult and the dark arts they practice. Especially those with true powers.

If, in their minds, you become a threat to them (whether real or perceived) they will use their dark powers as a weapon against you. The goal is to use you in some fashion, to gain an advantage of some kind. It is nearly always about gain. When it isn’t for material, emotional or psychological gain, then it may simply be revenge. The agenda may not always be apparent, but it is always there. Sadly, on some level, practitioners of the occult may cause fear or through the fear, harm.

Fear is their first weapon of choice. It gives them a doorway, an access to control. Even though my sister Kathy and her husband, George Lee Lutz, the Warlock, had been separated for quite a while, “Lee,” as we always called him, constantly made his darkness felt as a source of fear and torment in my sister’s home.

At the time this story begins, Lee and my sister, Kathy, had been separated for some time, pending a divorce. Lee was living in Las Vegas and Kathy’s home was in Scottsdale, Arizona. On this particular weekend, I was visiting my sister in her home in Arizona. I arrived early that morning and we passed the day catching up on each other’s lives. By midnight, I was ready to get some sleep and so was Kathy.

I had chosen to sleep on Kathy’s couch, in the living room. As I talk about in Amityville-My Sister’s Keeper, I have a keen sense of spiritual discernment. It is something I have had all of my life. I don’t understand why I have it, but I am very glad that I do. That sense of discernment has saved me many times.

That day, as Kathy and I talked and laughed, I kept feeling that something was happening in the background. Almost like background music playing somewhere off in the distance … you can’t quite make it out, and yet, you know it is there.

Watch for the next blog post to find out what happened.

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After 40 years … the REAL story of the Amityville Horror

Sexton_ Amityville-MySistersKeeper_BookCover_Print_Outlined.indd

I have kept my silence long enough…


I would like to address a question that I feel may rise in the minds of many readers about my book. That question is: Why write the book now? The book, Amityville: My Sister’s Keeper – A Story of Death, Deception and the Occult has been on my heart since my sister’s death. I have waited a long time to tell my story. As in all things, timing is everything. I believe that for me, the timing for telling the truth as I lived it, is NOW.

If I am honest about “why now” I have to say that God does things on His calendar—not mine. I really felt that the Lord prodded me to write down the truth and tell mine and my sister’s stories. Forty years is a long time, a generation comes and goes in forty years. The Amityville: My Sister’s Keeper story is now being read by a new generation, different from those who read the original story. And yet, the story still holds interests. It is as if the story of the Amityville house and my sister Kathy Lutz and her husband George touch some universal curiosity about the occult.

In the Bible, a generation was forty years. Generations have significant meaning in the Bible. The Israel people wandered in the desert for forty years. We see “forty days and forty nights” referred to as well. Why the number forty? The Lord fasted forty days in the New Testament.

Is there a significance to the number “40?” I can’t really say. Perhaps the only one who can solve this mystery for us is the Lord.

As for me, even though I have been “wandering in the desert” with this story for forty years, I am grateful that out of the pain and suffering of my sister and her family, the truth is finally being brought into the light. The light chases away the darkness. That simple fact and knowing that Kathy’s story had been told, give me peace.

Micky Sexton, author of Amityville: My Sister’s Keeper – A Story of Death, Deception and the Occult