Author of Amityville-My Sister's Keeper: A Story of Death, Deception and the Occult


sextonheadshotMicky Sexton is an award-winning poet. Micky is a native New-Yorker. She grew up on Long Island.

She began writing poetry in 1989. Sexton won Poet of Merit and Poetic Achievement awards in 1989. That same year she published four poems in the American Poetry Anthology, Vol IX. Her poems, published in Great Poems of the Western World II, the Swing of Spring, Pegasus, and Publisher’s Choice have won several Golden Poet awards from the World of Poetry.

“I must admit, I never read much poetry before I began to publish most of my work,” Sexton says.

Over the years, her life has been “impacted by the occult” which led to the writing of this book, Amityville-My Sister’s Keeper: A Story of Death, Deception and the Occult. The book is Sexton’s recollections of events and conversations with her sister, Kathy Lutz and her brother-in-law, George Lee Lutz.

This is her first full-length book. It reveals the backstory of George and Kathy Lutz before, during, and after they spent their infamous “28 days” in the Amityville House. After forty years of silence, Sexton says that she feels a great weight has lifted from her shoulders.

“Finally,” says Sexton, “I can tell people what really happened to my sister and her children.”

Sexton is engaged and living in Nevada